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    Avast Free Antivirus
    The best antivirus
    WhatsApp for Windows
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    Messanging and Chat
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    VLC Media Player
    Media Player


    Windows Movie Maker

     Windows Movie Maker is a free software for creating and processing video. The program creates good quality videos and movies, using animation, sound effects, music, visual effects and other installation tools.

     The program creates good quality videos and movies, using animation, sound effects, music, visual effects and other installation tools. The editor has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. There are no special features for professional video editing. It was designed for non-experienced users.

    Category: video editor  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform:  Windows


     Recuva is a multipurpose free software for recovering files and folders on the hard drive, USB-flash drive, Ipod, MP3-player, memory card of the mobile device or camera.

     Recuva - one of the best free programs to recover files from storage devices. It has an intuitive user friendly interface, that is able to recover files of any formats and sizes which are in FAT or NTFS file system.

    Category: data recovery  Updated: 11.12.2017  Platform: Windows All


     Steam is a free program for searching, downloading and updating games of various genres from the online store Valve. You will find both paid and free versions of games in the catalog.

     Currently Steam catalog contains over than 3,500 games. They are divided by genre (action, strategy, racing, role-playing, adventure, etc.). You can view the description and ratings for the game, trailer, ranking among users and other data. Downloading of games can be carried out with the servers of the company Valve.

    Category: game stores Updated: 11.17.2017 Platform: Windows All

    Google Chrome

     Google Chrome is the most popular browser that provides easy, fast and secure web-navigation.

     Google Chrome is on the first place by the startup speed, simplicity and the speed of the web-pages downloading. This browser was created on Chromium bases, that makes it reliable, secure and fast web browser.

    Category: browsers  Updated: 12.07.2017   Platform:  Windows


     SHAREit is a free software for sharing files between various devices via Wi-Fi. Devices can be different: PC, laptops and smartphones.

     SHAREit allows you to send/receive files with any format and size. Unlike Bluetooth and NFC (wireless high-frequency communication), SHAREit sends data faster and for far distances. The average speed is 20 Mbit/sec.

    Category: remote access   Updated: 11.10.2017   Platform:  Windows

    Avast Free Antivirus

     Avast Free Antivirus is the most popular antivirus program which is used to protect PC from the various types of viruses, rootkits and malware.

     At this time, Avast antivirus has received a wide diffusion all around the world. It was recorded, that this program was installed on more than 250 million PCs.

    Category: antivirus  Updated: 11.14.2017   Platform: Windows All


     KMPlayer is the most popular media player, for playing audio and video files in any formats without a need to install additional codec.

     PC version of KMPlayer allows user not only watch movies, but also improve the quality of video, process titles, capture sound from different audio devices and so on.

    Category: media players  Updated: 11.23.2017   Platform:  Windows

    WhatsApp Desktop

     WhatsApp is a free messenger for chatting with your friends via the Internet.

     At the moment, the number of users WhatsApp is more than 1 billion. By using WhatsApp you can send free messages to your friends from any city or country. You will only pay for the use of the Internet (Internet traffic flow). Messages are sent instantly and securely encrypted.

    Category: communication Updated: 12.07.2017 Platform: Windows 10/8/7


     Speccy is a free software for obtaining the detailed information about computer hardware.

     Speccy has a convenient and intuitive user interface. It displays all the details about the hardware and operating system. All this information can be stored in a separate file in XML or TXT formats.

    Category: system utilities  Updated: 11.13.2017   Platform: Windows All


     Picasa is a popular software, developed by Google, for processing digital photos.

     Picasa finds all the photos on your PC, places them in a virtual folders and orders the files by date. With Picasa you can create beautiful videos, slideshows, collages, screensavers and posters.

    Category: image editor  Updated: 11.12.2017   Platform: Windows All