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    DAEMON Tools Lite

    DAEMON Tools Lite is a popular software for creating simple and complex ISO images of disks, MDS, MDX, MDF and emulation drives CD / DVD / Blu-ray-enabled security systems Securom, StarForce, CDCOPS, Protect CD.

    Due to the fact, that the popularity of the paid version of DAEMON Tools program began to rise sharply because of it's feature of creating images and emulation drives, the company The Daemons Home decided to release a free DAEMON Tools Lite version.

    Category: disk images  Updated: 07.19.2018   Platform: Windows

    Avira Free Antivirus

    Avira Free Antivirus is a free antivirus for a constant protection of PCs from phishing, malware objects and potentially dangerous programs.

    Antivirus Avira has a simple and user-friendly interface, it supports most of operating systems, finds and removes Trojan files, rootkits and other malware objects. Independent experts proved, that Avira antivirus is a very effective program, which can recognize more than 99.8 % of viruses.

    Category: antivirus  Updated: 07.03.2018  Platform: Windows

    DjVu Reader

    DjVu Reader is a free software for reading e-books in DjVu format.

    DjVu Reader will allow you to copy text and images to the clipboard, customize brightness and contrast of pages, it supports several view modes, has an intuitive interface and doesn't require pre installation on your computer.

    Category: books reading   Updated: 07.05.2018   Platform: Windows


    WinDjView is a multifunctional software for reading and printing of the e-documents in DjVu format.

    WinDjView program allows to read e-books in DjVu format, to copy text and to search for information, that you need, in book, to adjust contrast and brightness of page mapping, to cooperate with all known internet browsers, to print out documents and also to use plug-ins to expand functional capability.

    Category: books reading  Updated: 12.26.2017   Platform: Windows

    Cool Reader

    Cool Reader is a free software for convenient reading of e-books.

    If your eyes are getting tired because of reading from display screen in MS Word, NotePad or Far programs, program Cool Reader is that, what you need. In fact, this software takes the lead among analogs and basically has positive feedback.

    Category: books reading  Updated: 11.13.2017   Platform: Windows

    Foxit Reader

    Foxit Reader is a free software for creating and processing documents in PDF, FDF and FCD formats.

    The Foxit Reader is a direct analogue of the popular product Adobe Reader.

    Category: pdf  Updated: 07.19.2018   Platform: Windows


    DirectX is a free set of libraries for the creation of sound and visual effects in multimedia applications and games.

    DirectX is the main part of the operating system. DirectX increases the quality and productivity of the films/games processing that have 3D animation, stereo sound, color graphics and other multimedia elements. Besides, this program increases the security and performance of the operating system.

    Category: drivers  Updated: 06.28.2018   Platform: Windows


    CCleaner is a free software for optimize and clean the file system from all sorts of "rubbish".

    CCleaner has many unique features to configure, analyze and improve the performance of your computer.

    Category: cleaning and tweaking  Updated: 07.04.2018   Platform: Windows


    7-Zip is a one of the best archivers for compression and decompression files of all types and sizes.

    7-Zip has been praised by experts in the file data compression. According to statistics, this archiver has won a wide audience of users all over the world.

    Category: file archivers  Updated: 05.01.2018   Platform: Windows


    OpenOffice is a cross-platform software, that includes a set of applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and images.

    There are not so many differences in functionality and even user interface between OpenOffice and MS Office product.

    Category: office  Updated: 01.19.2018   Platform: Windows