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     ICQ is a popular software to communicate with friends, family and loved ones over the Internet.

     Initially ICQ could only send short text messages. Now you can send files of any type, make voice and video calls, send SMS messages and more.

    Category: communication Updated: 04.24.2017 Platform:  Windows Android and others


     Audacity is a free program for recording sound from a microphone or line input, digitize analog recordings (cassettes or LPs), as well as the processing of music in formats OGG Vorbis, MP3 and WAV.

     Audacity is a software for processing audio files, won first place among the free programs in the same area. The program is intended for common users and for professionals. The arsenal of the program includes a variety of functions and filters for processing music.

    Category: music editor  Updated: 05.02.2017   Platform:  WindowsMac


     mp3DirectCut is a free software for cutting (circumcision) music track files in such formats, as MP3, FLAC, VOB and WAV, without loss of quality.

     This program allows you to add, copy and delete certain fragments of MP3 music track, regulate volume, remove noise and accelerate the sound.

    Category: music editor  Updated: 03.11.2017   Platform:  Windows


     VirtualDub is a universal free program for capturing, processing and cutting video files in the following formats: VOB, AVI and MPEG.

     You can use it to convert files from one format to another and compress the video to a certain size, resize video, edit some video segments, producing a separate recompression, edit audio tracks and much more.

    Category: video editor  Updated: 06.09.2016   Platform:  Windows

    Windows Media Player

     Microsoft corporation has released a new version of Windows Media Player for computers with MS Windows operating system, that allows play media files, copy and burn files to the compact discs, as well as listen to the Internet radio.

     According to statistics, Windows Media Player is used by more than 30% of the Windows OS users. Microsoft has removed almost all the limitations in the program, released huge number of plugins, skins and visual surveys that improve the quality of audio / video player and extend its functionality.

    Category: media players  Updated: 06.06.2016   Platform:  Windows

    Windows Movie Maker

     Windows Movie Maker is a free software for creating and processing video. The program creates good quality videos and movies, using animation, sound effects, music, visual effects and other installation tools.

     The program creates good quality videos and movies, using animation, sound effects, music, visual effects and other installation tools. The editor has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. There are no special features for professional video editing. It was designed for non-experienced users.

    Category: video editor  Updated: 05.22.2017   Platform:  Windows


     WinDjView is a multifunctional program for reading and printing of the e-documents in DjVu format.

     WinDjView program allows to read e-books in DjVu format, to copy text and to search for information, that you need, in book, to adjust contrast and brightness of page mapping, to cooperate with all known internet browsers, to print out documents and also to use plug-ins to expand functional capability.

    Category: books reading  Updated: 06.17.2016   Platform:  WindowsMac
      More   is a cross-platform software, that includes a set of applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and images.

     There are not so many differences in functionality and even user interface between and MS Office product.

    Category: office suites  Updated: 10.12.2016   Platform:  WindowsLinuxMac

    Cool Reader

     Cool Reader is a free program for convenient reading of e-books.

     If your eyes are getting tired because of reading from display screen in MS Word, NotePad or Far programs, program Cool Reader is that, what you need. In fact, this program takes the lead among analogs and basically has positive feedback.

    Category: books reading  Updated: 06.17.2016   Platform:  Windows Android

    Foxit Reader

     Foxit Reader is a freeware for creating and processing documents in PDF, FDF and FCD formats.

     The Foxit Reader is a direct analogue of the popular product Adobe Reader. According to the statistics the Foxit Reader program has more than 300 million users from all over the world.

    Category: pdf  Updated: 05.18.2017   Platform:  Windows Android iOS