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    Yandex.Browser is a powerful web-browser for secure, easy and fast web browsing in the Internet.

    Yandex Browser is based on the Chromium platform and the Blink engine. Yandex Browser is able to quickly download web pages, interactive web applications and games (even with a slow Internet connection). Yandex Browser protects you from online scams and malicious sites, and has an intelligent address bar and anti-shock function to block annoying ads.

      Category: browsers  Updated: 02.07.2018   Platform: Windows Download   

    Firefox Quantum

    Firefox Quantum is a stable web-browser for safe operation in the Internet, using computer.

    Currently, Firefox Quantum has more than 450 million users. There are a lot of useful features in this browser, it quickly downloads web pages, web applications, and multi-player games.

    Category: browsers  Updated: 02.08.2018   Platform: Windows


    MediaInfo is a popular software for obtaining information about media files.

    MediaInfo presents detailed information about audio files, video files and various types of image files. MediaInfo allows you to save information to the file, and also submitting official links for downloading audio and video codecs, that are necessary for playing varied file formats.

    Category: codecs   Updated: 12.21.2017   Platform: Windows

     Ocam Screen Recorder

    Ocam Screen Recorder is an excellent freeware for recording screen capture and for making screenshots.

    With the help of Ocam Screen Recorder you can record all actions from the screen, including sound from the audio devices (for example, you can record video presentation, game, user manual, online translation, clip ad etc.). Unlike many other programs, Ocam doesn't have limits for the duration of record.

    Category: video capture  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform: Windows

     Bandicam Screen Recorder

    Bandicam Screen Recorder is a popular and easy to use software for recording screen and web-cam, for creating screenshots with the high quality.

    Bandicam records all the actions from the screen of your computer (for example, game play, films, video chats, online translation of the football match and so on). Unlike the other programs, Bandicam compresses video files efficiently (without loosing the quality), that reduces Internet traffic consumption when sending video to your friends by the net.

    Category: video capture  Updated: 01.31.2018   Platform: Windows

    AVG AntiVirus Free

    AVG AntiVirus Free is a powerful antivirus software for the efficiency protection of computer from various types of malware, potentially dangerous programs and spyware, rootkits, worms and other types of Internet-threats.

    The speed and virus protection of AVG can compete with many unpaid and chargeable antivirus software from other corporations. Antivirus AVG includes constant monitoring, troubleshooting of security system, analysis and elimination of errors in the registry Windows, protection of e-mail and personal data of the user.

    Category: antivirus  Updated: 02.14.2018  Platform: Windows


    IrfanView is a free software for viewing and processing graphical files of many formats.

    IrfanView can create a multipage images, screenshots, panorams, play audio and video files, apply special effects, change sizes of images, convert graphical files into many other formats, and also IrfanView supports function for color correction and removes "red eyes" effect.

    Category: imaging and digital photo  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform: Windows

    VSDC Free Video Editor

    VSDC Free Video Editor is an excellent free software for non-linear editing of video and audio files.

    VSDC Free Video Editor contains all the necessary functions for creation and processing of various media files of many popular formats (including video with high resolution). It is possible to record video from the webcam or to write the desktop screen, to do standard actions over video, to add the text and subtitlings, to edit soundtracks, to create slide-show and many other things. 

    Category: video editor  Updated: 01.18.2018   Platform: Windows

    Panda Free Antivirus

    Panda Free Antivirus is a free software, which provides protection in real-time mode of your computer from different malware and spyware programs.

    Panda Free Antivirus is a client-server application, that includes cloud antivirus, antirootkit and antispyware.

    Category: antivirus  Updated: 02.22.2018   Platform: Windows

    VideoPad Video Editor

    VideoPad Video Editor is the convenient and multifunctional program for cutting video files.

    VideoPad Video Editor will allow you to create qualitative video files, clips, the video presentations and even movies. It is possible to impose various audio and video effects, to improve quality of the video. Besides, VideoPad Video Editor allows you to cut off or merge video fragments, to record video from the screen or the webcam, and also to convert video files.

    Category: video editor  Updated: 01.14.2018   Platform: Windows