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     CrystalDiskInfo is a unique and simple to use free program for estimating the productivity of hard drives, supports S.M.A.R.T technology.

     CrystalDiskInfo displays the information on the hard disk condition instantly, show values of S.M.A.R.T, and also enables you to control APM and AAM noise power.

    Category: disk recovery  Updated: 05.19.2017   Platform:  Windows


     ImBatch is a free program for mass processing and converting of images in various formats.

     ImBatch allows to impose filters, change sizes, insert special effects, change color scheme and many other things. This program will be helpful for those users, who are forced to work with a big quantity of graphic files.

    Category: image editor  Updated: 06.05.2017   Platform:  Windows

    LogMeIn Hamachi

     LogMeIn Hamachi is a popular program for connection two or more computers via Internet, (by making them connected as if they all are in the local network).

     Hamachi allows to connect computers to the existing network or create separate network with "star" type on top the Internet. Using Hamachi, you will be able to play various network games, exchange files, manipulate devices remotely (scanners, MFP and etc.) or launch servers. Besides, the net won't be breaked at failure of one of PCs because data exchange is carried out on P2P-technology.

    Category: remote access   Updated: 05.24.2017   Platform:  Windows


     TeamViewer is a free program for making remote access and administering computers from another PC or mobile device via Internet. For example, you can manipulate home PC right from the office.

     TeamViewer is capable to bypass any firewall, blocked switch ports, and NAT routing. With the help of TeamViewer you can transfer files between computers and mobile devices, remotely demonstrate presentations to partners, provide computer assistance, and also administer servers.

    Category: remote access Updated: 06.28.2017 Platform:  Windows Android and others


     Rufus is a popular program for creation of the bootable flash drive, memory card, USB key etc.

     Rufus will allow to create a bootable USB-drives from the ISO-image for installation of the operating system, for running computer games without the original disk, for running low-level system utilities (for example, when the hard disk is damaged, it is impossible to launch the OS or test the RAM). Besides, the program will allow you to format and recover the defective sectors on the flash drive.

    Category: system utilities  Updated: 06.03.2017   Platform:  Windows


     Origin is a powerful free program for searching, updating and downloading computer games (including free ones) from the Internet-shop of the Electronic Arts corporation.

     The catalog of Origin program contains a lot of games of various genres (MMO, adventure, net games, action and other). You can get demo and beta versions of the games, except paid and free games.

    Category: game stores Updated: 06.27.2017 Platform:  Windows  Mac

    Driver Booster Free

     Driver Booster Free is a free program for updating drivers for various devices on your PC.

     Driver Booster Free contains more than 400 000 drivers for video cards, sound cards, input/output devices, motherboards, scanners, printers and other components of the computer. This program searches for the outdated versions of drivers and automatically updates them. An active Internet connection is required for the program.

    Category: drivers  Updated: 05.11.2017   Platform:  Windows

    Google Drive

     Google Drive is a popular program allowing to store files on the Google servers.

     Google Drive allows you to store files in cloud storage, to get access to them from any device (the computer, the smartphone, laptop), and also to share files with your friends. The size of the storage space is limited - 15 GB.

    Category: backup  Updated: 06.19.2017  Platform:  Windows Android iOS

    Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

     Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is a freeware for viewing and printing presentations.

    The PowerPoint Viewer supports files with the following extension: * .ppt, * pptx, * .pot, * .pptm, * .potm, * .pps, * .ppsx and * .ppsm. However, PowerPoint won't be able to check the text for spelling errors, and it does not support the presentation of a bidirectional text, can not open files, that are protected by means of the IRM, and also does not support macros, and graphics in EPS, PCT, EMZ, CDR, WMZ, WPG and CGM formats.

    Category: office suites  Updated: 06.19.2017   Platform:  Windows, Android, iOS

    Advanced SystemCare Free

     Advanced SystemCare Free is a free program to optimizing the performance of your computer and mobile device.

     The PC version of Advanced SystemCare Free provides maximum protection against online threats, improves the Internet connection, and removes malicious spyware, also it increases computer performance, increases the amount of disk space, and protects your computer from unauthorized access. Mobile version of Advanced Mobile Care Security protects against phishing and Internet attacks, speeds up an Internet connection, cleans the internal and external memory from “rubbish”, and enhances the performance of the mobile device.

    Category: optimization  Updated: 06.15.2017   Platform:  Windows, Android