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    Java Runtime Environment

    Java Runtime Environment is a free software for launching programs, written on object-oriented programming language Java.

    At present, Java technology is used in many devices, including servers, TV-devices, computers, player Blu-Ray discs, office equipment, terminals, webcams, mobile devices. It is required to install JRE addition for Java Runtime Environment, because a number of programs simply won't work without it, for example, online games, websites, services, services.

    Category: additions  Updated: 07.18.2018   Platform: Windows

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    Microsoft .NET Framework is a set of free components and libraries for the implementation of PC programs. A lot of Windows System applications can't work without this platform.

    You will be able to create and run client-server applications with a variety of business processes, supporting a secure means of communication and a beautiful user interface. In addition, .NET Framework will enhance the reliability, security and performance of the Windows OS.

    Category: additions  Updated: 05.01.2018   Platform: Windows


    Paint.NET is one of the best programs for creating and processing graphic files in many formats.

    Unlike the standard Microsoft Paint, in the Paint.NET you can apply special effects to the photos, you can work with layers, make corrections over the images, using different tools, import photos from scanner and camera, and also you can connect various plug-ins in order to expand the functionality of the program.

    Category: imaging and digital photo  Updated: 01.15.2018   Platform: Windows


    Dropbox is a popular software for working with the cloud data that allows you to store files and folders on the remote servers provided by Dropbox Inc.

    After installation of the Dropbox on your computer, there appears a folder "My Dropbox". It looks exactly the same as the other folders on your computer, but it has some significant differences. You are able to store music, photos, videos, office documents and other file types in this folder. Access to a folder can be accessed from any device, where the program is installed.

    Category: backup  Updated: 07.14.2018  Platform: Windows

    WavePad Sound Editor

    WavePad is a universal software for sound recording and high-quality processing of the sound.

    WavePad works with many audio formats, including MP3 and WAV. Allows to crop, remove or insert certain pieces of music, apply sound effects, improve the sound quality of different methods, and much more. It has an attractive and intuitive user interface.

    Category: music editor  Updated: 06.23.2018   Platform: Windows

    Wave Editor

    Wave Editor is a free software for processing digital audio files in MP3 and WAV formats.

    Wave Editor allows you to cut out your favorite parts of track to create a ringtone, trim track, gain/ reduce the volume, as well as apply different sound effects.

    Category: music editor  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform: Windows

    FSS Audio Converter

    FSS Audio Converter is a freeware for converting audio files to various file formats, including the popular MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV and OGG.

    The FSS Audio Converter has a convenient single window user interface. It allows you to convert music track applicable to a variety of devices (eg, iPhone your iPad).

    Category: converters   Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform: Windows

    Any Audio Record

    Any Audio Record is a multifunctional software for audio recording from different external sources on computer (including microphone) with following storing in MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA and other formats.

    Before the record you can choose desired sound quality (bitrate, sampling frequency, channels, encoding quality etc). By means of Any Audio Record you can record conversations in Skype, music from videoclip, and also record your voice on phonogram etc.

    Category: sound recording   Updated: 07.21.2018   Platform: Windows

    UC Browser

    UC Browser is a popular web-browser, created by chinese developers. This browser uses WebKit and trident engines to provide high downloading speed, secure surfing in the Internet, and easy site navigation.

    Unlike analogs, UC Browser saves 90% of the traffic that makes this browser maximally fast and economical. According to the statistic, for this moment there are 500 million users of the computer version from 150 different countries all over the world.

    Category: browsers  Updated: 08.01.2018   Platform: Windows


    QTranslate is one of the best programs for translating texts to various languages.

    QTranslate translates the text, presented in any programs, where the text can be selected (for example, MC Office, Google Chrome or Skype). It is required to have an active Internet connection, because QTranslate uses online-translators (Google Translate, Bing, Baidu and others).

    Category: translators   Updated: 07.16.2018   Platform: Windows