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    Avast Free Antivirus

        Description       Change Log    

     Avast Free Antivirus is an anti-virus program for check and protection of the PC against Internet attacks, spyware, Trojan, polymorphic viruses, etc. (more...)

    Version Date What's new
    17.5.2303 07/18/2017
    • Updated the user interface.
    • Fixed minor bugs.
    17.4.3482 05/03/2017
    • Fixed: incorrect scanning results were displayed.
    • Improved the work of the Web-screen.
    • Improved updates of anti-virus database on computers running on 32-bit Windows systems.
    • Improved detection of malicious objects and movement them to quarantine.
    • Improved support for Windows 10.
    • Updated the user interface.
    • Fixed minor bugs.
    17.3.2291 03/30/2017
    • Fixed: incorrect dislplay information about security in Wi-Fi networks.
    • Improved the work of the Web-screen.
    • Fixed an antivirus fail on some devices.
    • Fixed: sometimes  video files in HTML5 format was not played in the SafeZone web browser.
    • Improved support for Windows 10.
    • Minor bugs fixed.
    17.2.2288 02/27/2017
    • Fixed bugs in the installer.
    • Improved update process.
    • Improved performance.
    • Fixed a lot of bugs.
    17.1.2286 02/07/2017
    • Added new gaming mode. This mode provides high productivity in the games by exempting system resources.
    • Added passive mode, allowing to launch  antivirus programms at the same time.
    • Added new component: the activity screen. This componenttracks  the activities of computer programms
    • Improved Avast Passwords manager.
    • Renamed component "Security of the home network" to  "security of Wi-Fi "
    • Improved design of user interface.