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    BurnAware Free

        Description       Change Log    

     BurnAware Free is a free program for recording CDs and ISO images. This program allows you to record audio CDs, DVD video, the MP3 discs, and create ISO and NRG images. BurnAware supports CD-Text, Joleit and hardware interfaces, suxh as: IDE, SCSI, SATA, USB. (more...)

    Version Date What's new
    10.4 07/12/2017
    • Improved the algorithm of disc burning. 
    • Now the program checks if there is some free space on the local disc before saving the iso image file.
    • Improved module responsible for the disc clearing.
    • Improved support for the hot keys.
    • Updated translations and user interface.
    • Fixed minor bugs.
    10.3 05/16/2017
    • Added new method for file sorting.
    • Added new download image.
    • Improved the mechanism of CD reading (ISO copying and copying of CD).
    • Updated new user interface. 
    • Updated icons.
    • Updated translations.
    • Fixed an error, occuring when reading data from the boot drive.
    • Fixed an error, occuring when adding files with the size more than 2 Gb.
    • Fixed minor bugs.
    10.2 04/01/2017
    • Now you can read the CD-Text in the Disc Info tool.
    • Added a new method for determining the recording speed of disks.
    • Now the "Direct copying" mode is enabled by default, when copying discs.
    • Updated translations.
    • Updated user interface.
    • Fixed bugs.
    10.1 02/21/2017
    • Added ability to edit tags in the Audio Grabber.
    • Added classic icons for the main window.
    • Improved compability with Windows 10 OS.
    • Updated translations.
    • Updated user interface.
    • Fixed bugs.