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    Comodo Internet Security

        Description       Change Log    

     Comodo Internet Security is a set of free software products for continuous protection of the system against many viruses, spy programs and Internet threats. (more...)

    Version Date What's new 07/12/2017
    • Fixed bugs. 06/12/2017
    • Improved support for Windows XP and Windows 10 OS.
    • Heuristic analysis is improved.
    • Fixed bugs. 04/24/2017
    • Improved support for Windows XP OS.
    • Improved stability of the program.
    • Fixed a lot of bugs. 04/06/2017
    • Added new mode "Improved protection" (is available in the advanced settings).
    • Updated installer.
    • Changed name of "sandbox" from Sandbox to Containment.
    • Improved support for Windows 10 OS.
    • Improved stability of the program.
    • Fixed a lot of bugs. 12/29/2016
    • Online-shopping protection
    • Created offline installer for installing Comodo Internet Security without Internet connection. However this installer won't install the for Comodo Security Shopping components. You will be able to download this component via the main window of the anti virus.
    • Improved the compatibility with Windows 10 OS.
    • Improved interaction with Microsoft Edge browser.
    • Fixed minor bugs.