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    Malwarebytes's Anti-Malware

        Description       Change Log    

     Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is one of the best programs to find and remove viruses. (more...)

    Systems Version Date What's new

    Windows 05/10/2017
    • Decreased volume of consumption memory.
    • Deacreased the duration  of launching the third party programs.
    • Improved web proection.
    • Improved detection and deleting of malware objects.
    • Increased performance of antivirus.
    • Improved self-protection.
    • Added scanning of the system by schedule (once per month).
    • Now the antivirus doesn't notify that the protection is turned off (if the user turned off the protection by himself).
    • Updated user interface.
    • Fixed a lot of bugs. 01/25/2017
    • Improved viruses detection.
    • Improved heuristic analizys.
    • Fixed fail of the system  during antivirus updating process.
    • Fixed: the notification "The protection of computer in the real time mode is switched off" was displayed incorrectly.
    • Updated user interface.
    • Improved protection from the explloits.
    • Improved the exclusion list.
    • Improved stability of the anti virus.
    • Improved performance of the program.
    • Reduced consumption of system resources.
    • Fixed a lot of bugs. 10/08/2016
    • Increased the system scanning speed for 4 times.
    • Improved heuristic analysis.
    • Now the anti-virus DB can be updated automatically.
    • Improved scanning for viruses by schedule.
    • Updated 7-Zip DLL up to the latest version.
    • Improved self-defence function -  Chameleon.
    • Updated graphical user interface.
    • Many bug fixes.