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     To download the software from our site you will need to perform a few actions.

     Step 1. On the "Description" page, in front of the program's rating, there is a button labeled "Download." Click it. (See. Img. 1).

    Img. 1. Page "Description"


     Step 2. After you've clicked to download button, there appears a  table  under the description of the program on the same page with the official reference to the installation package (see. Img. 2). Each item of the displayed table matches the supported operating systems (e.g, Microsoft Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS and others). Click the relevant link to download the program.

    Img. 2. Links to the download


     Step 3. In case, when you have downloaded the file with the extension * .zip or * .rar (eg, programs.rar) and you can not open it, it is likely, that you don't  have an archiver on your PC. Download and install one of the archiver 7-Zip or WinRAR and open the file again.

     Stay in touch! All programs, performed on this site, are legally-free for private (home) use. Almost all program files have direct links to the official sites.