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     Picasa Photo Organizer

    Picasa is a popular software, developed by Google, for processing digital photos.

    Picasa finds all the photos on your computer, places them in a virtual folders and orders the files by date. With Picasa you can create beautiful videos, slideshows, collages, screensavers and posters.

    Category: imaging and digital photo  Updated: 11.12.2017   Platform: Windows


    Paint.NET is one of the best programs for creating and processing graphic files in many formats.

    Unlike the standard Microsoft Paint, in the Paint.NET you can apply special effects to the photos, you can work with layers, make corrections over the images, using different tools, import photos from scanner and camera, and also you can connect various plug-ins in order to expand the functionality of the program.

    Category: imaging and digital photo  Updated: 01.15.2018   Platform: Windows


    GIMP is a unique freeware for working with raster and vector graphics, which allows you to create and process any type of images. GIMP is a direct analogue of the Adobe PhotoShop.

    This software allows users to create original images, screen and web graphics, photo retouching effects, convert and implement batch image processing. Plus, it supports a large number of special effects and additional modules.

    Category: imaging and digital photo  Updated: 05.21.2018  Platform: Windows


    IrfanView is a free software for viewing and processing graphical files of many formats.

    IrfanView can create a multipage images, screenshots, panorams, play audio and video files, apply special effects, change sizes of images, convert graphical files into many other formats, and also IrfanView supports function for color correction and removes "red eyes" effect.

    Category: imaging and digital photo  Updated: 05.31.2018   Platform: Windows


    ImBatch is a free software for mass processing and converting of images in various formats.

    ImBatch allows to impose filters, change sizes, insert special effects, change color scheme and many other things. This program will be helpful for those users, who are forced to work with a big quantity of graphic files.

    Category: imaging and digital photo  Updated: 04.26.2018   Platform: Windows


    XnView is a free software for viewing and converting graphical files.

    Developers of XnView took into consideration almost everything, that you need for  process the images: scaling, conversion, changing the images quality, creating the slideshow, screen shots, panoramas and multi-page files.

    Category: imaging and digital photo  Updated: 05.31.2018   Platform: Windows