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    Google Chrome

     Google Chrome is the most popular browser that provides easy, fast and secure web-navigation.

     Google Chrome is on the first place by the startup speed, simplicity and the speed of the web-pages downloading. This browser was created on Chromium bases, that makes it reliable, secure and fast web browser.

    Category: browsers  Updated: 12.07.2017   Platform:  Windows


     Yandex.Browser is a powerful web-browser for secure, easy and fast web browsing in the Internet.

     Yandex Browser is based on the Chromium platform and the Blink engine. Yandex Browser is able to quickly download web pages, interactive web applications and games (even with a slow Internet connection). Yandex Browser protects you from online scams and malicious sites, and has an intelligent address bar and anti-shock function to block annoying ads.

      Category: browsers  Updated: 11.21.2017   Platform:  Windows   More      

    Firefox Quantum

     Firefox Quantum is a stable web-browser for safe operation in the Internet, using PC or mobile devices.

     Currently, Firefox Quantum has more than 450 million users. There are a lot of useful features in this browser, it quickly downloads web pages, web applications, and multi-player games.

    Category: browsers  Updated: 11.30.2017   Platform:  Windows

    UC Browser

     UC Browser is a popular web-browser, created by chinese developers. This browser uses WebKit and trident engines to provide high downloading speed, secure surfing in the Internet, and easy site navigation.

     Unlike analogs, UC Browser saves 90% of the traffic that makes this browser maximally fast and economical. According to the statistic, for this moment there are 500 million users of the computer version from 150 different countries all over the world.

    Category: browsers  Updated: 12.07.2017   Platform:  Windows

    Internet Explorer

     Internet Explorer is the popular, stable and fast browser, developed by Microsoft corporation.

     Internet Explorer is an excellent browser that has all the necessary features for comfortable work in the network. 

    Category: browsers  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform:  Windows


     Safari is a multifunctional, fast and stable web browser, developed by Apple Company.

     Developers of Safari are saying that this browser is better by speed, than such famouse browser, like Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex.Browser, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Safari has the same functionality, just like other browsers offer. For example, Safari contains pop-up blocker, "Incognito" mode, and also has protection mode against hackers, phishing and malware web-sites.

    Category: browsers  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform:  Windows


     Opera is one of the best browsers, which provides easy and fast web-navigation.

     For this moment browser Opera earned trust from the most of the RuNet users. Opera has a built-in antivirus protection, supports plug-ins, additional modules, extensions,  interface theams and a lot of other utility, that are necessary for work, entertainment and study, using Internet.

    Category: browsers  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform:  Windows


     Chromium is a powerful web-browser with an open source, it provides secure and fast web navigation.

     Chromium is advanced platform for web applications development. Many famous systems, such as, Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex Browser and others, were developed on the Chromium basis. Basically, chromium can be called a text browser. The new features and functions of this platform are performed, for example, in a Google Chrome browser, but there are such features, which were not developed in no other systems, they are represented only in Chromium.

    Category: browsers  Updated: 12.08.2017   Platform:  Windows

    Adobe Flash Player

     Adobe Flash Player is a popular plug-in, which is used for watching video, animated pictures, for listening music, and also for playing online games in the Internet browsers.

     According to the statistics, this program was installed on more than 1.3 billion PC and almost on all mobile devices (smartphones, phones, laptops).

    Category: browsers  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform:  Windows