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     WhatsApp is a free program for chatting with your friends via the Internet.

     At the moment, the number of users WhatsApp is more than 1 billion. By using WhatsApp  you can send free messages to your friends from any city or country. You will only pay for the use of the Internet (Internet traffic flow). Messages are sent instantly and securely encrypted.

    Category: communication Updated: 08.09.2017 Platform:  Windows Android and others


     Telegram is a free program for sending text messages and multimedia files of various formats via secure channels.

     Telegram was created in 2013. Unlike the analogues, in a telegram to the connection channel is encrypted securely, due to a completely new technology MTProto, which uses the several encryption protocols. In addition, this messenger sends messages instantly.

    Category: communication Updated: 07.09.2017 Platform:  Windows Android and others


     Viber is a popular VoIP application, designed to connect people between each other from all over the world.

     Using Viber, you will be able to exchange messages, video and photos via a Wi-Fi network or 3G, as well as calls to your friends, wherever you want, even to another country, and it is completely free. At the moment, this program has more than 600 million users from all around the world.

    Category: communication Updated: 08.10.2017 Platform:  Windows Android and others


     Skype is a free software for communication with your friends and family via the Internet.

    With the help of Skype you can exchange text messages with friends, call them by voice and video links, as well as call to landlines and mobiles. The quality of communication is at the highest level.

    Category: communication Updated: 08.05.2017 Platform:  Windows Android and others


     Discord is a free program for communicating by text and voice messages via Internet or local network.

     Initially the program was developed for gamers. The direct analogues of Discord are Skype and TeamSpeak. The distinction is that discord offers high performance and wide functionality. You can create a voice conference, as well as public / private chats, where you can communicate with an unlimited number of users.

    Category: communication Updated: 07.02.2017 Platform:  Windows


     TeamSpeak is a free program for voice communication with a group of people through a local network or the Internet.

     TeamSpeak is working on VoIP technology (IP-telephony). In contrast to mobile or landline phone, you can talk to an unlimited number of people (for example, in the multiplayer games, where the voice connection and coordination of groups of people are required). The main advantage of the Team Speak is a high-quality connection with minimum delays (even Skype does not have this opportunity).

    Category: communication Updated: 06.30.2017 Platform:  Windows


     ICQ is a popular software to communicate with friends, family and loved ones over the Internet.

     Initially ICQ could only send short text messages. Now you can send files of any type, make voice and video calls, send SMS messages and more.

    Category: communication Updated: 07.12.2017 Platform:  Windows Android and others

    QIP Messenger

     QIP is a free software for communication with friends, family and loved ones via Internet.

     With QIP you can exchange text messages with friends, call them by voice and video connection, lead microblog and connect additional modules to extend the functionality of the program.

    Category: communication  Updated: 06.15.2016   Platform:  Windows, Android, iOS