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        Description       Change Log    

     Origin (EA Download Manager) is a powerful free software for searching, updating and downloading computer games (including free ones) from the Internet-shop of the Electronic Arts corporation.

     License: Freeware
    Platform: Windows, Mac OS X
    Latest version: 10.5.2
    File size: 59.5 MB - 113 MB
    Language:  English, Deutsch and others
    Author: Electronic Arts, Inc
    Last updated: September 10, 2017
    Before you free download Origin for your PC or laptop from official website, we are advising to learn its features and see what's new in the latest version.

    Program overview

     The catalog of Origin software contains a lot of games of various genres (MMO, adventure, net games, action and other). You can get demo and beta versions of the games, except paid and free games.

     System requirements for PC

    • Operating system: Windows 7, 8 (8.1) or Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) | Mac OS X 10.7+.
    • Internet connection (preferably broadband connection).


    Downloading and updating games 

    • Search and download games from the online store. Due to the optimized loader, you can continue to play the game while downloading game updates on your computer. 
    • Support for online games. 
    • Adding third-party games from a local disk. Origin will allow you to play games without the original disc, because Origin it acts as a technical tool of copyright protection. 
    • Download trial, beta and demo versions of games. 
    • Support for offline mode. You can play the single-player campaigns without enactive  Internet connection. 
    • Automatic update of games. When new versions are released, the client will inform you about it. 
    • Quick access to the purchased games. 

    Add-ons for games 

    • Install various types of add-ons for the games. 


    • Adding Origin to your friends list. 
    • Communicate with friends during the game by using voice or text chat. 


    • Broadcast the game on the Twitch web-site. You can show your skills to the whole world.
    • Sync with iOS and Android mobile devices.


    • Presentation of detailed information about the games. 
    • Save games in the cloud storage. You can access your favourite games from any device wherever you are. In case of breakage of your PC, you do not have to re-download the purchased games. 
    • Integration with Facebook social network, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services. 
    • Contacting with support team to solve occurred problems.

    What's new?

    • Improved the speed for download and update games.
    • Updated the game catalog.
    • Fixed bugs.

    Screenshots for Origin



     Thus, Origin contains a lot of paid and free games of a various genres. Downloading games is provided by servers of the company at the high speed.

      Supported systems Official links  

    Windows 10 / 8 / 7
    Download Origin
    (Version: 10.5.2 | File size: 59.5 MB)

    Mac OS X
    Download Origin
    (Version: 10.5.2 | File size: 113 MB)
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