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    SHAREit is a free software for sharing files between various devices via Wi-Fi. Devices can be different: PC, laptops and smartphones.

    SHAREit allows you to send/receive files with any format and size. Unlike Bluetooth and NFC (wireless high-frequency communication), SHAREit sends data faster and for far distances. The average speed is 20 Mbit/sec.

    Category: file transfer and networking   Updated: 12.24.2017   Platform: Windows


    Hamachi is a popular software for connection two or more PCs via Internet, (by making them connected as if they all are in the local network).

    Hamachi allows to connect PCs to the existing network or create separate network with "star" type on top the Internet. Using Hamachi, you will be able to play various network games, exchange files, manipulate devices remotely (scanners, MFP and etc.) or launch servers. Besides, the net won't be breaked at failure of one of PCs because data exchange is carried out on P2P-technology.

    Category: file transfer and networking   Updated: 12.22.2017   Platform: Windows


    TeamViewer is a free software for making remote access and administering PCs from another computer via Internet.

    TeamViewer is capable to bypass any firewall, blocked switch ports, and NAT routing. With the help of TeamViewer you can transfer files between PCs, remotely demonstrate presentations to partners, provide computer assistance, and also administer servers.

    Category: file transfer and networking Updated: 12.22.2017 Platform: Windows


    AnyDesk is a unique freeware for getting remote access to a single or several PCs at the same time.

    Unlike the similar programs, AnyDesk has a simple user interface and the high speed of displaying pictures (up to 60 frames per second), due to DeskRT technology. No need to enter your real IP-address or number of PORT every time, when connecting to the remote PC, it's enough to enter the ID number of the desktop.

    Category: file transfer and networking   Updated: 11.27.2017   Platform: Windows