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    Google Earth

        Description       Change Log    
                       11 700 downloads
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    Google Earth is a free software, which allows you to make virtual trips to any place of the World.

     License: Freeware (Free)
    Version: (Latest version)
    Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 (32|64 bits)
    Requirements: No special requirements
    File size: 29.2 MB
    Virus test: No viruses and malware
    Developer: Google Inc.
    Updated: February 7, 2018

    Google Earth is a multipurpose geoinformation system, which attracts us with features and a large number of interesting information.

    Features of the software
    Browse any geography objects with the bird’s-eye view (mountains, seas, deserts, canyons etc.), objects of infrastructure, human settlements (public places, parks, shops, monuments, temples, etc.), transportation routes, trees, and the study of relief and landscapes of the inspectable area.
    The use of different layers of view (3D-buildings, roads, weather, border, title, etc.), thus creating a specific filter of a certain information.
    Support of tools for measuring the height of the object, distance between two points, as well as between several points connected by lines on a given curve.
    View the surface under study, which is based on satellite images with very high resolution that allows you to zoom in up to houses and trees.
    View of the sky and celestial objects (constellations, planets, galaxies, etc.).
    View the Moon and the spacecraft in 3D-format.
    Search for companies and organizations (by the address, names or keyword).
    Find objects in a particular locality, the village and the sky.
    Search for objects located in the vicinity of the current point or from a given location.
    Create and play a video tour (flights from one point to another).
    Record your own virtual travel in 3D-format and share a tour with other users of Google Earth.
    Support of the option "profile relief", allowing user to explore the terrain of the certain routes and paths, showing in a separate window such parameters as height and angle of the earth's surface for the selected area.
    Support of the "Google architect" tool, which is used for the creation of 3D-models on the ground.
    Support of the function "photo guide", which can give you a fascinating tour to the most famous sights of the planet Earth.
    Subscribe to notifications regarding the updates of images in Google Earth.
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