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    KMPlayer is the most popular media player, for playing audio and video files in any formats without a need to install additional codec.

    Computer version of KMPlayer allows user not only watch movies, but also improve the quality of video, process titles, capture sound from different audio devices and so on.

    Category: media players  Updated: 07.03.2018   Platform: Windows


    iTunes is a multifunctional and easy to use free media player from Apple Corporation, that lets you enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows and other media on your computer without any additional installations and costs.

    With iTunes can store the entire collection of media files in a single library using a convenient form, as well as import and write files. Online Shop iTunes Store allows you to listen to or watch various media files, as well as get access to the free educational and training materials from the leading universities and renowned cultural institutions from all around the world.

    Category: media players  Updated: 06.01.2018   Platform: Windows


    DivX Plus is a free complex of software for playback various video formats with a high quality (including MKV, AVI, MP4, DivX).

    Due to support of DXVA the player smoothly plays video files with high definition, without loading the CPU.

    Category: media players  Updated: 01.25.2018   Platform: Windows


    Winamp is a cross-platform, multi-functional and at the same time, free player that allows you to play media of many formats on computers and mobile devices.

    This player has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, it supports a large number of skins, themes and plugins.

    Category: media players  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform: Windows

     Daum PotPlayer

    Daum PotPlayer is a multifunctional and free media player with imbedded audio and video codecs.

    PotPlayer do not contain advertisement and spyware, do not load the system processor, and also has a high productivity. By the way, this media player was designed by one of the developers of the famous KMplayer.

    Category: media players  Updated: 06.30.2018   Platform: Windows

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a universal media player, based on Media Player Classic, allowing to playback any type of video files without loss settings of codec.

    Unlike other media players, MPC Home Cinema doesn’t contain unnecessary functionality, it has user friendly interface. The main advantages of this program are: video decoding of H.264, work with multiple monitors, support of subtitles of absolutely any format, as well as recording and playback of TV channels (only when connected to a TV tuner).

    Category: media players  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform: Windows

    VLC Media Player

    VLC Media Player is a free media player for playing and recording the streaming audio/video files, such as H.264, MPEG 1/2, WMV, DIVX, AC3, FLAC, AMR, MIDI, MP3 etc.

    A PC version of VLC Media player can play any type of media files, disks, network streams, as well as convert multimedia files into different formats.

    Category: media players  Updated: 05.31.2018  Platform: Windows


    AIMP is a free media player to play music in MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA and other formats.

    The structure of the PC version of AIMP includes audio converter, encoder, and a task scheduler. It can easily play back a huge number of music formats, provide an opportunity to listen to and record Internet radio, as well as to connect additional modules.

    Category: media players  Updated: 07.08.2018   Platform: Windows

    jetAudio Basic

    jetAudio is multipurpose player for playback and processing of media files.

    In computer version of jetAudio Basic you can not only watch videos and listen to audio files, but decode them, convert, change quality, and also store them on optical disk.

    Category: media players  Updated: 02.15.2018   Platform: Windows

    Windows Media Player

    Microsoft corporation has released a new version of Windows Media Player for PCs with MS Windows OS, that allows play media files, copy and burn files to the compact discs, as well as listen to the Internet radio.

    According to statistics, Windows Media Player is used by more than 30% of the Windows OS users. Microsoft has removed almost all the limitations in the program, released huge number of plugins, skins and visual surveys that improve the quality of audio / video player and extend its functionality.

    Category: media players  Updated: 06.29.2018   Platform: Windows