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    Media Player Classic Home Cinema

        Description       Change Log    

     Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC HC) is a universal media player, based on Media Player Classic, allowing to playback any type of video files without loss settings of codec.

     License: Freeware
    Platform: Windows, Android
    Latest version:  1.7.13  2.1
    File size: Varies with platform
    Language:  English, Deutsch and others
    Author: MPC-HC Team
    Last updated: September 5, 2017
    Before you free download MPC HC for your PC, laptop or mobile device from official website, we are advising to learn its features and see what's new in the latest version.

    Player overview

     Unlike other media players, Media Player Classic Home Cinema doesn’t contain unnecessary functionality, it has user friendly interface. The main advantages of this program are: video decoding of H.264, work with multiple monitors, support of subtitles of absolutely any format, as well as recording and playback of TV channels (only when connected to a TV tuner).

     System requirements for PC

    • Platform: Windows 7, 8 (8.1), XP, Vista or Windows 10 (32-bit | 64-bit).

     System requirements for mobile device

    • Platform: Android 2.3 and up.

    Features of the media player

    • Playback of video files of different formats, including the most famous formats: AVI, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, AC-3, MIDI, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC.
    • Supports normal and full-screen modes. If you wish, you can scale up to 200 %. Unlike other analogs, you can minimize the screen up to dimensions of the video image (removing menu, scrolling lines, status row, and the playlist).
    • Import playlists with following extensions: *.asx, *.m3u, *.m3u8, *.pls, *.wvx, *.wax, *.wmx and *.mpcpl.
    • Play DVD / BD / Audio-CD discs with the extension * .vob, * .ifo and * .cda.
    • Playback and recording of television channels (only with a TV-tuner).
    • Selecting and debugging work of Schrader, containing special effects,  that can be added in some video.
    • Applying filters LAV Splitter / Audio / Video, DirectSound Device and the Audio Switcher.
    • Setting up the rendering, including the removal of a video shot jitter and color settings (brightness, contrast, saturation and hue).
    • Changing the size and position of the video shot.
    • Support subtitle of any formats.
    • Switch-over video shots.
    • Gain, normalization and displacement of the sound. Surely you faced with the fact that the sound was late or a little ahead of the video, during playback. To solve this problem it is worth to use the "displacement of sound." In addition, using settings of the player, you can distribute audio channels between the columns.
    • Regulate the speed of video playback.
    • Display a video on a second monitor.
    • Adding a video to your favorites.
    • Create screenshots during playback.
    • Create thumbnail.
    • Generate a standard or full statistics: the name, the output mixer, the shots rate, a decoder, and  the number of lost an recorded video shots, the bit rate, the number of buffers, format and video size, availability of subtitles and other information.
    • Playing video on top of all windows.
    • Support of hotkeys and command-line.
    • Manual and automatic program update.
    • Support of history.
    • Save of user’s settings in the configuration file with the extension * .reg.

    What's new?

    Media Player Classic Home Cinema for Windows
    • Updated translations.
    • Improved user interface.
    • Updated LAV Filter up to 0.70.2 version.
    • Updated Little CMS up to 2.0 version.
    • Updated ZenLib up to 0.4.35 version.
    • Updated Unrar up to 5.5.6 version.
    • Updated MediaInfoLib up to 0.7.97 version.
    Media Player Classic Home Cinema for Android
    • Added support for MKV, FLV, Full HD and 4K.


     Thus, Media Player Classic Home Cinema inherited all the best features from the famous Media Player Classic.

      Supported systems Official links  


    (Version: 1.7.13 | File size: 12.7 MB)
    Download MPC Home Cinema (64-bit)
    (Version: 1.7.13 | File size: 13.5 MB)

    (Version: 2.1 | File size: varies with device)
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