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     Ocam Screen Recorder

    Ocam Screen Recorder is an excellent freeware for recording screen capture and for making screenshots.

    With the help of Ocam Screen Recorder you can record all actions from the screen, including sound from the audio devices (for example, you can record video presentation, game, user manual, online translation, clip ad etc.). Unlike many other programs, Ocam doesn't have limits for the duration of record.

    Category: video capture  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform: Windows

     Bandicam Screen Recorder

    Bandicam Screen Recorder is a popular and easy to use software for recording screen and web-cam, for creating screenshots with the high quality.

    Bandicam records all the actions from the screen of your computer (for example, game play, films, video chats, online translation of the football match and so on). Unlike the other programs, Bandicam compresses video files efficiently (without loosing the quality), that reduces Internet traffic consumption when sending video to your friends by the net.

    Category: video capture  Updated: 01.31.2018   Platform: Windows