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    Windows Live Movie Maker

    Windows Movie Maker is a free software for creating and processing video. The program creates good quality videos and movies, using animation, sound effects, music, visual effects and other installation tools.

    The program creates good quality videos and movies, using animation, sound effects, music, visual effects and other installation tools. The editor has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. There are no special features for professional video editing. It was designed for non-experienced users.

    Category: video editor   Updated: 13.05.2017   Platform: Windows

     VSDC Free Video Editor

    VSDC Free Video Editor is an excellent free software for non-linear editing of video and audio files.

    VSDC Free Video Editor contains all the necessary functions for creation and processing of various media files of many popular formats (including video with high resolution). It is possible to record video from the webcam or to write the desktop screen, to do standard actions over video, to add the text and subtitlings, to edit soundtracks, to create slide-show and many other things. 

    Category: video editor  Updated: 04.26.2018   Platform: Windows

    VideoPad Video Editor

    VideoPad Video Editor is the convenient and multifunctional program for cutting video files.

    VideoPad Video Editor will allow you to create qualitative video files, clips, the video presentations and even movies. It is possible to impose various audio and video effects, to improve quality of the video. Besides, VideoPad Video Editor allows you to cut off or merge video fragments, to record video from the screen or the webcam, and also to convert video files.

    Category: video editor  Updated: 05.14.2018   Platform: Windows

    XMedia Recode

    XMedia Recode is a free software for processing and converting videos to the popular formats.

    XMedia Recode allows user to crop, change the quality and the format of the video, as well as plug-in filters, and edit tags.

    Category: video editor  Updated: 06.02.2018   Platform: Windows


    VirtualDub is a universal free software for capturing, processing and cutting video files in the following formats: VOB, AVI and MPEG.

    You can use it to convert files from one format to another and compress the video to a certain size, resize video, edit some video segments, producing a separate recompression, edit audio tracks and much more.

    Category: video editor  Updated: 12.05.2017   Platform: Windows All


    Avidemux is a free software with open source for cutting and trimming video files of the following formats: AVI, MPEG, MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV and WMV.

    The editor seamlessly removes unwanted parts of video, applies filters, improves the quality of video and converts video in the right format.

    Category: video editor  Updated: 06.05.2018   Platform: Windows