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    Advanced SystemCare Free

     Advanced SystemCare Free is a free program to optimizing the performance of your computer and mobile device.

     The PC version of Advanced SystemCare Free provides maximum protection against online threats, improves the Internet connection, and removes malicious spyware, also it increases computer performance, increases the amount of disk space, and protects your computer from unauthorized access. Mobile version of Advanced Mobile Care Security protects against phishing and Internet attacks, speeds up an Internet connection, cleans the internal and external memory from “rubbish”, and enhances the performance of the mobile device.

    Category: optimization  Updated: 08.05.2017   Platform:  Windows, Android


     CCleaner is a free program for optimize and clean the file system from all sorts of "rubbish".

     CCleaner has many unique features to configure, analyze and improve the performance of your PC and mobile device.

    Category: optimization  Updated: 08.15.2017   Platform:  Windows Mac Android

    Clean Master

     Clean Master is a popular software for optimizing the productivity of your PC and mobile devices.

     According to statistics, Clean Master was installed on more than 400 million devices all over the world. This program can clean up the system from unnecessary files within few minutes.

    Category: optimization  Updated: 08.05.2017   Platform:  Windows, Android

    Glary Utilities

     Glary Utilities is a free program, which is used to improve the performance of your PC and mobile phone.

    Developers of Glary Utilities took into consideration almost all, that you need to speed up your computer and mobile device. The PC version corrects errors in Windows security, cleans the registry from the "garbage", removes Spyware, optimizes memory, recovers deleted files, and more. Mobile version can increase the space on the disk, increase performance and security of the phone.

    Category: optimization  Updated: 07.19.2017   Platform:  Windows Android

    Revo Uninstaller

     Revo Uninstaller is a powerful and easy-to-use uninstaller to remove the software, files and folders, which can not be deleted by the common Windows services.

     In addition, Revo Uninstaller includes a set of tools to speed up your computer (for example, startup management, registry and file system optimization).

    Category: optimization  Updated: 04.04.2017   Platform:  Windows

    Wise Game Booster

     Wise Game Booster is a multipurpose program for the acceleration of computer games through the optimization of the Windows operating system settings.

     Wise Game Booster within a few seconds finds the extra services and processes, that affect the computer's performance and immediately improves the system settings. These operations can be performed either automatically or manually (separately).

    Category: optimization  Updated: 04.05.2017   Platform:  Windows

    Vit Registry Fix

     Vit Registry Fix is a free program to optimize the registry and the file system of PC.

     Vit Registry Fix in a few minutes optimizes the file structure of the registry, cleans the disk from unnecessary and temporary files, and removes the computer programs that standard failed to remove by Windows tools.

    Category: optimization  Updated: 06.16.2016   Platform:  Windows

    System Explorer

     System Explorer is a freeware for managing system processes of the Windows OS.

     In contrast to standard Windows Task Manager, System Explorer has a lot of functionality. For example, you can manage the system startup processes, drivers and Internet connections, you can remove programs, and also customize the security of the system.

    Category: optimization  Updated: 06.16.2016   Platform:  Windows


     Defraggler is a free program to defragment your hard disk with NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT types of file systems.

     With its help you can significantly improve your computer's performance (higher speed recording and reading on the local disk files, performance of software, applications and services).

    Category: optimization  Updated: 03.20.2017   Platform:  Windows

    IObit Uninstaller Free

     IObit Uninstaller Free is a powerful and at the same time free uninstaller for removing unwanted programs and extensions in Web browsers.

     Using IObit Uninstaller Free, you can uninstall the recently installed and rarely used programs or programs that take a lot of space on your hard drive. You can also remove Windows service packs, plug-ins and toolbars in the browser.

    Category: optimization  Updated: 06.28.2017   Platform:  Windows