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        Description       Change Log    

     Defraggler is a free software to defragment your hard disk with NTFS, FAT32 and exFAT types of file systems. With its help you can significantly improve your computer's performance (higher speed recording and reading on the local disk files, performance of software, applications and services).

     License: Freeware
    Platform: Windows All (32-bit | 64-bit)
    Latest version: 2.21.993
    File size: 4.4 MB
    Language:  English, Deutsch and others
    Author / Product: Piriform, Inc / Defraggler
    Updated: March 20, 2017
    Before you free download Defraggler for your PC, we are advising to learn its features and see what's new in the latest version.

    Program overview

      Defragmentation is the process of optimizing the logical structure of the disc by storing the files in a continuous sequence of clusters. Defraggler is able to defragment a whole drive and individual files and folders in the normal or fast mode. Defragmentation can normally take more than 2 hours, and fast for a few minutes. To obtain maximum benefit from defragmentation, program must use the normal mode.

     System requirements

    • Operating System: Windows 10 / Windows 8 (8.1) / Windows 7 / Vista / Windows XP (x86 | x64).
    • RAM: 128 MB or above.

    Features of the program


    • Provide information on the hard disk condition.
    • Evaluation of disk performance. During the evaluation, the program will display the number of fragmented files, fragments and disk read speed (MB / sec).
    • Search for files by name and size, including non-fragmented files.
    • Search and elimination of errors on the disk.


    • Analysis of the logical structure of the disc and the collection of the necessary information about the fragmented files, excluding the files from System Restore points and the hibernation file.
    • Defragment the selected files, folders, or an entire disk. You can also defragment the files by criteria: empty, unfragmented, fragmented, swap files, recording files, read files, or files in the MFT.
    • Defragmentation of the disk space.
    • Support for fast, normal and complete defragmentation. In the program settings you can specify the size and number of fragments, that should not be defragmented.


    • Display drives (SSD, USB, removed and unmounted drives).
    • Support of the Task Scheduler. It is possible to specify the drive frequency (eg, daily, or when the computer starts), the type of defragmentation and other conditions.
    • Automatic defragmentation of the system files, when your computer starts.
    • Add folders and files to the exclusion list.
    • Save all program settings in the configuration file .INI.

    What's new in version 2.21.993

    • Defragmentation of disks is improved.
    • Support of the 64-digit Windows 10 and Windows 8 systems is improved.
    • Consumption of system resources is reduced.
    • Processing of exceptions and creation of reports is improved.
    • The translations are updated.
    • The user interface is updated.
    • Fixed bugs.


     Thus, Defraggler is one of the best defragmenter to improve the performance of your computer.

      Supported Systems Official Link  

    (Version: 2.21.993 | File size: 4.4 MB)
     Note! During installation, the program suggests you to install third-party software. If you do not need it, then select the appropriate option.
    Home / Optimization / Defraggler
    Downloading of the Defraggler can be made from official website and at high speed. The latest version of the executable file has been verified by popular antivirus software (Kaspersky, Avast, Dr.Web and NOD32).
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