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    Glary Utilities

        Description       Change Log    

     Glary Utilities is a free software, which is used to improve the performance of your PC, laptop and mobile device.

     License: Freeware
    Platform: Windows, Android
    Latest version:
    File size: 2.0 MB - 16.2 MB
    Language:  English, Deutsch and others
    Author: GlarySoft Ltd
    Updated: September 18, 2017
    Before you free download Glary Utilities for your PC or mobile device from official website, we are advising to learn its features and see what's new in the latest version.

    Program overview

     Developers of Glary Utilities took into consideration almost all, that you need to speed up your computer and mobile device. The PC version corrects errors in Windows security, cleans the registry from the "garbage", removes Spyware, optimizes memory, recovers deleted files, and more. Mobile version can increase the space on the disk, increase performance and security of the phone.

     System requirements for PC

    • System: Windows 7, 8 (8.1), XP, Vista or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit).

     System requirements for mobile device

    • System: Android 2.2 and up.

    Features of Glary Utilities on PC

     Working with the registry
    • Cleaning of the registry. The program thoroughly searches and removes fro the Windows registry all kinds of errors (wrong keys, path, etc.) ,that can affect on the speed of PC system. Mainly, this feature is applicable to the software and system services.
    • Defragment your hard drive. This feature will increase the size of the free disk space and speed up booting of the Windows operating system by reducing fragmentation, correcting structural errors and recover unused memory.
    • Restoring and backing up the registry.

     Working with the disk space

    • Analysis the free space of disk.
    • Removing empty folders, broken shortcuts and duplicate files.
    • Disk Cleanup by removing temporary files, clear the cache of web browsers and fonts, delete files in the basket, cleaning the system log, and others.

      Windows System Management

    • Control over autorun processes, services and the context menu of Windows.
    • Task Manager support.
    • Presenting detailed information about the system. Glary Utilities will display information about the operating system, system devices on the local disks, display, network connection, audio devices, USB-drives, the memory size, consumed by computer programs and much more.
    • Backup and restore files.
    • System Restore and System Files.


    • Remove saved passwords, cookies, Index.dat files and browsing history in the Internet browsers.
    • Permanently delete files. If desired, you can delete files without the possibility of recovery. However, to completely remove them, you should use the "cleanup free disk space."
    • Encrypt and decrypt files.
    • Find and remove malware.

      Working this drivers

    • Restore, delete and backup drivers.
      Working this files
    • Search for files on the local disks.
    • Recover deleted files.

      Using the software

    • Uninstalling of the software.
    • Check for updates of all installed programs in the Internet.

      HDD Management

    • Disk Defragmenter.
    • Defragmenting files during Windows startup.
    • Check the file system for errors.

    Features of Glary Utilities on your mobile

    • Glary Utilities: Главное окно мобильной версииIncrease the disk space by clearing the cache and remove "junk" files thatб occupy lots of space on the internal and external memory cards.
    • Speed up your phone by switching off some certain processes.
    • Support the Task Scheduler, to clean the system of "rubbish" at a certain time.
    • Automatic phone safety improvement with just one click.
    • Removal of mobile applications without "rests" using Application Manager.
    • Management personal data of user.
    • Support for file manager. You will be able to remove not only certain files from device, but also entire folders.

    What's new?

    Glary Utilities for Windows

    • Improved disk clearing mode and Tracks Eraser.
    • Improved function "Update Software".
    • Updated user interface.
    • Fixed bugs.

    Glary Utilities for Android

    • The translations are updated.
    • A large number of bugs are fixed.


     Thus, Glary Utilities will increase the volume of free space on the hard disk, restore the file system, improve performance and enhance the security of your PC and mobile device.

      Supported systems Official links  

    Download Glary Utilities
    (Version: | File size: 16.2 MB)

    (Version: | File size: 2.0 MB)
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