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      Home > Disk Recovery > Check Disk for Windows 1.4 ENG РУС

    Check Disk

        Description       Change Log    

     Check Disk is a free program for the analysis and correction of errors on the hard disk and other storage media (including USB-drives).

     License: Freeware (Free)
    Platform: Windows 7/XP/Vista (32|64 bit)
    Latest version: 1.4
    File size: 391 KB - 645 KB
    Language:  English
    Author: Dirk Paehl
    Official website:
    Last updated: November 12, 2017

    Check Disk overview

     Check Disk is a direct analogue of the system utility Chkdsk.exe. Unlike the Chkdsk.exe, Check Disk has a graphical and intuitive user interface. The duration of checking is strongly dependent on the size and the number of errors of the drive.

     System requirements

    • Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista (32-bit & 64-bit).
    • Administrator rights for user are required.

    Features of the Check Disk

    • Supports multiple disk test modes. In standard mode, files are checked, the indices (file directories), and security descriptors. The deep mode of sector inspection and remediation, plus the same steps as in the standard mode. Note! Errors correction time depends on the size and drive errors. Typically, the verification process lasts from minutes to several hours.
    • Ability to work not only hard drives, but also with removable drives.
    • Displays the drive status. For example, you need to make a recovery disk.
    • It has a small size distribution.
    • No unnecessary functionality.


     Thus, Check Disk provides quick checking of the disk for errors. In case if Check disk detects problems on the drive, it corrects them accordingly.

      Supported systems Links to the download  

    Windows 7 / XP / Vista

    (Version: 1.4 File size: 391 KB)
    (Version: 1.4 File size: 645 KB)
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