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    Revo Uninstaller

    Revo Uninstaller is a powerful and easy-to-use uninstaller to remove the software, files and folders.

    In addition, Revo Uninstaller includes a set of tools to speed up your computer (for example, startup management, registry and file system optimization).

    Category: cleaning and tweaking  Updated: 03.28.2018   Platform: Windows


    Speccy is a free software for obtaining the detailed information about computer hardware.

    Speccy has a convenient and intuitive user interface. It displays all the details about the hardware and operating system. All this information can be stored in a separate file in XML or TXT formats.

    Category: system utilities  Updated: 05.21.2018   Platform: Windows


    Rufus is a popular software for creation of the bootable flash drive, memory card, USB key etc.

    Rufus will allow to create a bootable USB-drives from the ISO-image for installation of the operating system, for running PC games without the original disk, for running low-level system utilities (for example, when the hard disk is damaged, it is impossible to launch the OS or test the RAM). Besides, the software will allow you to format and recover the defective sectors on the flash drive.

    Category: system utilities  Updated: 11.13.2017   Platform: Windows

    NVIDIA GeForce Experience

    NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a freeware for updating drivers and for increasing performance of games.

    If there are any updates for drivers of your video card, the NVIDIA GeForce Experience will notify you about it and will ask to install the update. Besides, the program significantly increases performance of games due to selecting optimal gaming settings.

    Category: system utilities  Updated: 05.22.2018   Platform: Windows


    SpeedFan is a free software for monitoring hardware of your computer.

    SpeedFan displays the hard disk state, the temperature of the various components, and more. The main advantage of the software is the ability to change the fan speed in order to lower the temperature of the hard drive, CPU, video card and motherboard, which greatly reduces noise and power consumption.

    Category: utilities  Updated: 11.13.2017   Platform: Windows


    AIDA32 is a free software for analysis and providing detailed information about the hardware and software configuration of the computer.

    AIDA32 provides detailed information about system processes, network card, installed OS, chipset, BIOS, demonstrates running services, system processes, drivers, displays peripheral equipment, installed SW, patches and more. The program base stores more than 28 thousand devices. It can collect data not only from local computer, but from remote TCP/IP interworking protocol.

    Category: system utilities  Updated: 11.15.2017   Platform: Windows


    CPU-Z is a free utility for technical information about your computer.

    CPU-Z utility presents detailed information about the processor, architecture, RAM memory, cache, graphics bus, the motherboard, BIOS, timing, the SPD and the video card. The utility has an attractive user interface and is easy to use.

    Category: system utilities  Updated: 05.06.2018   Platform: Windows