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    Cool Reader

        Description       Change Log    

     Cool Reader is a free software for convenient reading of e-books.

     License: Freeware
    Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
    Latest version: 3.3.61 3.0.56 
    3.0.56  3.1.2-102
    File size: 3.58 MB - 15.5 MB
    Language:  English
    Author: V. Lopatin
    Official website:
    Last updated: September 12, 2017
    Before you free download Cool Reader for your PC or mobile device from official website, we are advising to learn its features and see what's new in the latest version.

    Program overview

     If your eyes are getting tired because of reading from display screen in MS Word, NotePad or Far programs, program Cool Reader is that, what you need. In fact, this program takes the lead among analogs and basically has positive feedback.

     System requirements for PC

    • System: Windows 7, 8 (8.1), XP, Vista and Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit) | Mac OS X 10.x | Linux.

     System requirements for mobile

    • System: Android 1.5 and up.

    Программа для чтения электронных книг Features Cool Reader on your PC

    • Reading of books in FB2, TXT, XLS, TCR, EPUB, CHM, PDB, MOBI, HTML, RTF and DOC (Microsoft Word) formats.
    • Document export  to WOL format
    • Support of several display modes. You can read books in portrait and rolled variant ( with smooth  scrolling)  one or two page on the screen. If it is necessary. you can roll out the page in full-screen.
    • Presentation of detailed information about document.
    • Recognition of Dos, Win, UTF-8, Unicode, Latin-1 and other encodings.
    • Reading of e-books, wrapped in archives Zip, Rar, 7z, Lzh и Arj.But if the archive has a password, consequently you can’t read it.
    • Search for word or word combination in book.
    • Automatic composition of book content according titles.
    • Viewing seen e-books history. Quantity of books is not more than 10.
    • Navigation support. You can transit rowwise, paragraphwise and pagewise.
    • Change of document scale.
    • 90, 180 and 270 grad page rotation.
    •  Smooth scrolling setting.
    • Tab transition. For example, if you liked some text on book page, you can add it to tabs, comment it and than transit it according with tabs. But if you are going to use the tabs, you should export them into TXT or XML file.
    • Copying the text into exchange buffer.
    • Changing of the background, type color, text style and font smoothing to relieve the eyes.
    • Support of several color schemes. The program has day and night profiles. For each profile there is own color scheme (styles, background color, contrast etc.).
    • Skin support to change page appearance in the program. In addition you can create skins yourself and use them then.
    • Dictionary support (ColorDict, GoldenDict, Fora Dictionary, Aard Dictionary).
    • Reading books aloud by means of MS SAPI 5.1 and 4.0.engines.
    • Cool Reader skins have CRS extension in CoolReader\Skins folder.
    • Support of special settings for touch screens.
    • Display of laptop and notebook battery status.
    • Support of text transition dictionary. The words in dictionary can be changed.
    • Support of several program interface styles.
    • Support of links and hyperlinks.

    Cool Reader для телефона Features of Cool Reader on your mobile

    • Display of the books as book page or as a roll.
    • Tab operation.
    • Searching for information in book.
    • Support of all Cool Reader types, including TTF.
    • Reading of books from Zip archives (without unpacking).
    • Automatically recognition of encoding, text format, TXT-documents styling and style setting.
    • Smooth page transition.
    • Scrolling support.
    • File browser support.
    • Day and night profiles support.
    •  Setting of contrasts, background brightness, type style and so on.
    • Book reading aloud.
    • Battery status display.

    Cool Reader What's new?

    • Fixed bugs.

    Cool Reader Conclusion

      Thus, Cool Reader is a simple, convenient and at the same times a multifunctional software to read e-books on PC and Phone.

      Supported systems Links to the download  

    Download Cool Reader
    (Version: 3.3.61 | File size: 7.6 MB)

    Mac OS X
    Download Cool Reader
    (Version: 3.0.56 | File size: 15.5 MB)

    Download Cool Reader
    (Version: 3.0.56 | File size: 8.7 MB)

    (Version: 3.1.2-102 | File size: 3.58 MB)
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