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     LibreOffice is a free software for creating, processing and printing text documents, it supports more than 90 file formats (including DOC, DOCX, XLS, TXT, PPT, DOT, HTML).

     The computer version of LibreOffice contains special modules for processing text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, mathematical formulas, databases and images. LibreOffice can be considered as a direct analogue of such popular systems as Microsoft Office and The mobile version of LibreOffice gives you an ability to read and edit documents with the following extensions: doc, docx, odt, xls, xlsx, ods, ppt, pptx and odp.

    Category: office suites  Updated: 09.13.2017  Platform:  Windows  Mac and others
      More   is a cross-platform software, that includes a set of applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and images.

     There are not so many differences in functionality and even user interface between and MS Office product.

    Category: office suites  Updated: 09.13.2017   Platform:  Windows Linux Mac

    Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

     Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is a freeware for viewing and printing presentations.

    The PowerPoint Viewer supports files with the following extension: * .ppt, * pptx, * .pot, * .pptm, * .potm, * .pps, * .ppsx and * .ppsm. However, PowerPoint won't be able to check the text for spelling errors, and it does not support the presentation of a bidirectional text, can not open files, that are protected by means of the IRM, and also does not support macros, and graphics in EPS, PCT, EMZ, CDR, WMZ, WPG and CGM formats.

    Category: office suites  Updated: 09.13.2017   Platform:  Windows  Android  iOS

    Microsoft Excel Viewer

     Microsoft Excel Viewer is a popular software for viewing, copying and printing spreadsheets in the Microsoft Excel format.

     The electronic version of Microsoft Excel Viewer allows user to view and print files in the following formats: XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, XLT, XLTX, XLM and XLW. MS Office Excel viewer has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. However, the mobile version of this software allows user not only to view documents, but also to edit them and create new ones.

    Category: office suites  Updated: 09.13.2017   Platform:  Windows  Android  iOS

    Microsoft Word Viewer

     Microsoft Word Viewer is a popular software for viewing and printing text documents.

     The program files of Microsoft Word Viewer take small space on your computer. The program has user-friendly interface and it supports common formats of documents, such as DOC, DOCX, XML, TXT, RTF, WPS, HTM, HTML, MHT, MHTML and DOT. The mobile version gives you an ability not only to read text documents, but also to create new ones and edit existing.

    Category: office suites  Updated: 09.18.2017   Platform:  Windows  Android  iOS


     AbiWord is a freeware with an open source for viewing, manipulating and printing text documents. AbiWord is a direct analogue of the paid program Microsoft Office Word.

     The AbiWord supports many types of document formats: DOC, DOT, TXT, RTF, TEXT, HTML, HTM, XHTML, OTT, ODT, STW, SXW, SDW, ZABW, ABICOLLAB, DOCX, DOTX, DOCM, DOTM, WPD, WP, AWT and ABW. AbiWord allows you to perform format and edit of the text styles, scale images, check spelling, add tables, footnotes, hyperlinks and save documents in different formats. It supports an equation editor and integration with other programs. In addition, you can include a variety of plug-ins and add-ons to improve the functionality.

    Category: office suites  Updated: 09.13.2017   Platform:  Windows Mac