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    LibreOffice is a free software for creating, processing and printing text documents, it supports more than 90 file formats (including DOC, DOCX, XLS, TXT, PPT, DOT, HTML).

     License: Freeware (Free)
    Version: 6.0.4 (Latest version)
    Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 (32|64 bits)
    Requirements: No special requirements
    File size: 240 MB - 261 MB
    Virus test: No viruses and malware
    Developer: The Document Foundation
    Updated: May 9, 2018

    The computer version of LibreOffice contains special modules for processing text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, mathematical formulas, databases and images. LibreOffice can be considered as a direct analogue of such popular systems as Microsoft Office and

    Features of the software
     LibreOffice Writer
    • Create and edit text documents with extensions *.doc, *.dot, *.docx, *.html, *.odm, *.odt, *.ott, *.txt, *.xml, *.wps, *.rtf and others.
    • Export documents as Portable Document Format (PDF), Portable Network Graphic (PNG), XHTML, MediaWiki (TXT), Writer Layout (XML), or Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG).
    • Convert Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents to an OpenDocumet XML.
    • Sending documents by e-mail or via Bluetooth.
    • Insert page breaks, special characters, footnotes, hyperlinks, sections, cross references, tables, images, audio and video, bookmarks, notes, scripts, OLE-objects and other elements.

     LibreOffice Calc

    • Creating and Editing spreadsheets with the following extension * .odc, * .ods, * .ots, * .sxc * .stc, * .fonds, * .xml, * .xlsx, * .xlsm, * .xltx, * .xlsb , * .xls, * .xlc, * .xlw, * .xlm, * .xlk, * .xlt, * .wk1, * .dif, * .123, * .wks, * .csv and * .wb2.
    • Create multiple spreadsheets in a single file.
    • Export tables from the database.
    • Format all or individual cells in a table.
    • Perform the standard operations on a table (insert or delete rows / columns, delete the contents of cells, cell merging, inserting notes, copying text to the clipboard buffer, etc.).
    • Insert frames, formulas, hyperlinks, captions, table name, special characters, the OLE objects, images, audio and video.

     LibreOffice Impress

    • Create and Edit presentations with the extensions *.odp, *.odt, *.sxd, *.sti, *.fodp, *.xml, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.pptm, *.ppsx, *.potm , *.potx, *.pot, *.pps.
    • Add, copy, and delete slides in your presentation document.
    • Support for touch image editor.
    • Support for different viewing modes (normal, structure, slide sorter, notes, and thesis mode).
    • Support the slide wizard, passwords and notes wizards.
    • Add images, audio, video, the OLE objects, formulas, files, diagrams, histograms, tables and special effects.
      LibreOffice Base
    • Creating and processing databases with the extension *.odb.
    • Add and edit forms, reports, queries and tables.
    • Editing queries in SQL mode.
    • Connecting to MySQL databases, Oracle JDBC, ADO, dBASE, Microsoft Access, PostgreSQL, address books SDAP, SeaMonkey, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Windows, and spreadsheets.

      LibreOffice Draw

    • Creating and processing images with the following extension *.odg, *.otg, *.sxd, *.std, *.cdr, *.pub, *.svg, *.vdx, *.vsd, *.vsdm and *.vsdx.
    • Convert an object to a curve, polygon, path, bitmap, metafile, or 3D-object.
    • Send documents by e-mail.
      LibreOffice Math
    • Loading and saving math formulas in ODF, SXM and MML formats.
    • Create mathematical formulas.
    • Navigate over the tags and errors.
    • Import formulas from the selected file.
    Screenshots of LibreOffice (3)

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