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    Microsoft Word Viewer

        Description       Change Log    

     Microsoft Word Viewer is a popular software for viewing and printing text documents.

     License: Freeware
    Platform: Windows, Android, iOS
    Latest version:

    11.8169  2.5  16.0

    File size: 24.5 MB - 345 MB
    Language:  English, Deutsch and others
    Author: Microsoft Corporation
    Last updated: September 18, 2017
    Before you free download Microsoft Word Viewer for your PC or mobile from official website, we are advising to learn its features and see what's new in the latest version.

    Program overview

     The program files of Microsoft Word Viewer take small space on your PC. The program has  user-friendly interface and it supports common formats of documents, such as DOC, DOCX, XML, TXT, RTF, WPS, HTM, HTML, MHT, MHTML and DOT. The mobile version gives you an ability not only to read text documents, but also to create new ones and edit existing.

      Note! In order to create and edit documents for free on mobile devices with Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch operating systems, users have to log in using your Microsoft account.

     System requirements for PC

    • Operating System: Windows 7, 8 (8.1), XP, Vista or Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit).

     System requirements for mobile

    • Operating System: Android 4.4 and up | iOS 9.0 or later.

    Features Microsoft Word Viewer on your PC

    • Reading documents without need to have installed Microsoft Office Word.
    • Copy text, graphics, illustrations, formulas and other items in other programs. For example, in a text document WordPad.
    • Print a document (in different modes: one-sided and two-sided printing, specified pages and sections, even and odd pages, multiple copies).
    • Support for vertical and horizontal lines.
    • Support for multiple viewing modes (normal, Web document, page layout, reading mode, a structure and a full-screen mode).
    • Support for online help for users.
    • Scale a document between 75% to 200% by the width of the text or of the page.
    • Search for certain words or phrases in a document.
    • Support for hotkeys.
    • Support for command line.
    • Support for digital signatures.
    • View the common details about the document.
    • View the history of documents.
    • Display the selected text, tooltips, bookmarks, tabs, soft hyphens, hidden text, field codes, Binding objects, status bars, graphics and other elements.

    Features of Microsoft Word on your mobile

    • Support for documents in DOC and DOCX formats.
    • Create and edit documents. One file can be modified by a group of users at the same time.
    • Insert graphs, tables, formulas, references, footnotes, figures, page layout, and other objects.
    • Support for multiple browsing modes in the document.
    • Get access to documents located in the cloud storages OneDrive and Dropbox.
    • Insert notes.
    • Format the text.

    What's new?

    • Fixed bugs.


     Thus, the functionality of Microsoft Word Viewer is limited, and, using the desktop version, you can only open, copy, and print text documents, and with the help of mobile version, you can edit and create new ones on your mobile device.

      Supported systems Official links  

    Download Microsoft Word Viewer
    (Version: 11.8169.8172File size: 24.5 MB)

    (Version: 16.0.8431.2022 | File size: 64.9 MB)

    iPhone / iPad
    Download Microsoft Word from App Store
    (Version: 2.5 | File size: 345 MB)
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