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      Home > Office Suites > OpenOffice for Windows 4.1.4 ENG РУС

        Description       Change Log    

     OpenOffice is a cross-platform software, that includes a set of applications for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and images.

     License: Open Source (Free)
    Platform: Windows All (32/64 bit)
    Latest version:


    File size: 134 MB
    Language:  English, Deutsch and others
    Author: Apache Software Fuundation
    Last updated: November 13, 2017

    OpenOffice overview

    There are not so many differences in functionality and even user interface between OpenOffice and MS Office product.

     System requirements

    • Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1), Windows XP, Vista or Windows 10 (32-bit / 64-bit).

    Features of the OpenOffice

     OpenOffice Writer / Text documents
    • Create and edit text documents in the following formats: DOC, DOT, ODT, OTT, SXW, STW, TXT, HTM and HTML.
    • Processing of the text, spreadsheet, graphics, and field codes.
    • Insert page breaks, margins, special characters, character formatting, partition, hyperlinks, images, audio, video, cross-references, bookmarks, scripts, footnotes, tables of contents and signs, frames, tables, formulas, OLE objects and other data in a text document.
    • Change the style and background pages, tables or text.
    • Support for text and graphics animation.

     OpenOffice Calc / Spreadsheet

    • Creating and Editing files with spreadsheets in the following formats: ODS, OTS, SXC, STC, XLS, XLC, XLM, XLW, XLT, CSV and TXT.
    • Export tables from the database.
    • Create several sheets in a single document.
    • Setting the format for table's cells.
    • Add notes to the cells.
    • Adding / deleting cells, columns and rows of the table.
    • Support for Functions Wizard for solving mathematical expressions.
    • Creating and Editing pivot tables.

     OpenOffice Impress / Presentations

    • Create and Edit PowerPoint presentation: ODP, OTP, SXI, STI, PPT, PPS, POT and SXD.
    • Support for various layouts.
    • Support for different modes for editing presentations (normal mode, drawing mode, structure, abstracts, notes, and Slide Sorter).
    • Chage the design for a certain slide or for the whole document.
    • Create and edit the style for text.
    • Insert multimedia files, special effects, charts, bar charts and tables.

     OpenOffice Base / Databases

    • Develop a database in ODB format, using tables, queries, forms and reports, usefull for other programs. The OpenOffice Base supports SQL-database. However, to SQL database requires JAVA platform. Databases can be created manually or with the help of special master.
    • Create macros in JavaScript, Python, BeanShell. Macros helps to create a sequence of actions, that will increase the performance of programs, based on databases.

     OpenOffice Draw / Images

    • Creating and processing images in the following formats: ODG, OTG, SXD, STD, DXF, EMF and others.
    • Drawing pictures, using such tools as shading, shadow, line sizes, etc.
    • Insert new layers and slides.
    • Change the page orientation (portrait / landscape).
    • Insert special effects, shapes, symbols, diagrams, callouts, text, arrows, curves, lines, images, audio, video, spreadsheets, the OLE objects, formulas, add-on modules, files, charts, hyperlinks, frames and notes.
    • Crop images indicating the scale and size for image.
    • Support for editors of the sensory image.
    • Convert the object to a curve, polygon, path, bitmap, metafile, or 3D-object.
    OpenOffice Math / Mathematical formulas
    • Loading and saving formulas in ODF, SXM and MML formats.
    • Create mathematical expressions.
    • Set intervals between symbols in the formulas.
    • Support for symbol's directory.
    Download OpenOffice for Windows Latest Version


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