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    Lingoes is a free software for translation texts into different languages.

    Lingoes: Screenshot №1
     License: Freeware (Free)
    Version: 2.9.2 (Latest version)
    Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 (32|64 bits)
    Requirements: No special requirements
    File size: 13.4 MB - 16.7 MB
    Virus test: No viruses and malware
    Developer: Lingoes Project
    Updated: November 13, 2017

    If you want to translate the text, you need just highlight it and point it with mouse. In contrast to the closest analogues, Lingoes uses many services of machinery translation, each of them produces different results.

    Features of the software
    Translation of the highlighted text, the text under mouse pointer or from exchange buffer. These types of translation are called contextual translations. The result of translation appears in pop-up boxes. To choose another service of machinery translation it is necessary to get in the settings. Service Google Translate is used by default.
    Text reading aloud. In the settings you can choose another voice, sound speed and height of the sound.
    Text translation in program main window, choosing service and translation language.
    Searching of detailed word interpretation in systems Google, Bing, Wikipedia etc.
    LD2, LAF and LDP file association support.
    Word-by-word translation. To adjust the functionalities, you can connect additional dictionaries online or set up them from local discs.
    Application support, that allows to convert the values, currency, weight, clock zones, encode and decode the data. There are also international codes, table of irregular verbs, periodic chart and engineering calculator.
    Download Lingoes for Windows
    Download Lingoes for Windows (64-bit)
    SAFE (100%)   FREE (0$)   LATEST VERSION
    Screenshots of Lingoes (2)
    Lingoes: Screenshot №2 Lingoes: Screenshot №3

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